We are here to champion your school!

Welcome to Culture of Care Oregon!

Impacting educational culture and outcomes with Trauma-Sensitive (neurobiological lens), Restorative (relational/heal the harm), and Equitable Practices (everyone gets what they need) that systematically promote wellness, safety & community support for all. 

We are here to champion your school, focusing and expanding on the good work already taking place, in order to more intentionally create cultures of care for all students. 

-Culture And Resilience Educators, High Desert Education Service District

Our Origin

Through regional, cross-sector alignment between the health and education sectors, Central Oregon school districts, in partnership with Better Together, received a 3 year grant from the Central Oregon Health Council to develop and strengthen trauma-informed cultures across education systems in Central Oregon, starting July 1, 2019 with the High Desert Education Service District.

Our Mission

Through intentional modeling, training and collaboration, CARE Coaches seek to impact educational culture and outcomes with trauma-sensitive, relationship-focused and equitable practices that systematically promote resilience, relationships, wellness, safety & community support for all.

Our Goals

  • Educators and partners will strengthen knowledge, confidence, and strategies for workplace wellness and its impact on the learning culture in schools.
  • Educators and partners will feel they have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors about childhood and historical trauma to respond to students with trauma-informed approaches and practices.
  • Educators and partners will recognize and address the root causes of classroom behavior issues and outbursts, when appropriate, as symptoms of childhood and historical trauma.
  • Central Oregon Educators will use strategies consistent with a Culture of Care that contribute to students feeling welcome, safe, and supported in schools, impacting attendance and academic achievement.
  • As a result of working with the Culture of Care team, Central Oregon educational systems and community partners will shift toward more trauma responsive, restorative and equitable cultures.