A new report highlights students’ resilience in Central Oregon and associations with attendance. Below is a short 2-page summary
Students’ Resilience in Central Oregon: Summary of Findings (2-pages)
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Culture of Care Year in Review (22-23)

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YTD Summary (March 2020)

CARE Coaches have created a systematic, tiered approach to supporting schools and community partners across the Central Oregon region to develop and implement Cultures of Care. Partnering with 13 priority schools and consulting with a large variety of educational organizations, Culture of Care work is extending across the region with positive outcomes. The team has facilitated 27 trainings across the region and collected evaluative data for each one. In addition, the coaches have worked one-on-one and in small teams with school and district leadership to build relationships and trust, leverage partnerships, navigate sensitive issues and develop systematic and measurable goals that range from staff wellness to discipline procedures. The resounding response from survey data as well as informal feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and engaging, with a high demand for coaches’ time and expertise across K-12 settings.

Within the 2019-2020 school year to date, Care Coaches have partnered with 13 priority schools and consult with a variety of educational organizations to impact upwards of 7,000 students in the region. Care Coaches have provided coaching, consultation and training on Culture of Care topics to a variety of educational partners that serve upwards of 800 staff, including school and community-based partners.

Culture of Care partnerships are changing school systems across the region by providing awareness of trauma and its impact, shifting teacher and leadership strategies that align with trauma-sensitive, restorative and equitable approaches for our school communities impacting up to 8,000 students and staff within the first half of the 2019-2020 school year.


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Developmental Evaluation Report (Summary)

Developmental Evaluation Report (Full Report)

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