What We Offer

Regional, district and building level trainings on the following topics

  • Trauma & Resilience 101
  • Building a Culture of Care in Your School
  • Professional Resilience
  • De-escalation Skills and Techniques with a TIC lens
  • Self-Regulation Skills
  • Trauma-Informed Classrooms
  • Non-Verbal Techniques for Communication
  • Classroom Management Techniques with a TIC lens
  • Community Building & Circles

Individual & Team Coaching and Consultation

  • Integration of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) into School Improvement Plan
  • Review data, policies & practice from TIC lens
  • Guidance for implementing Professional Development & PLCs for staff
  • Modeling, coaching, and capacity building for teachers on classroom practices
  • Thought partners for leadership teams & PLCs
  • Reflecting on and shaping school values & beliefs
  • Collaboration & problem solving on community challenges
  • Facilitating assessment and identifying gaps, needs and priorities in the work

Resources & Facilitation

  • Leveraging community-based service partnerships
  • Wellness Circles
  • Student & Family focus groups & workshops
  • Connection to research, articles, videos, modules and frameworks
  • Classroom guides, syllabi, lesson plans, class meetings, circles, mindfulness, etc.